How to dress better in 2023

Defining your style in 2023

This topic has been flogged, everyday, every social media posts/article is telling you what to buy and the latest trends. Some of them address the problem, some are simply just repeated news. Still, we have to keep talking about style and sharing ways for women to upgrade their style.

Do you have a problem with identifying and defining your style? Follow these steps and you are on your way to change.

  • 1. Be comfortable and confident in who you are and how you think

 Basically embrace who you are and an easy way to do this is to realise how unique you are. This is cliche but no one is you and that is your super power. You do not have to be like anyone, the way you think is unique, how you view the world is unique. You have to accept who you are and accept your magic. Being comfortable with yourself helps you make style choices easier because you aren’t trying to be like anyone.

  • 2.  Try different looks to discover your personal style

We mostly know what works through trial and error. Only a very few people find out what they want on the first try. Doesn’t mean you try 100 things/looks, that would only cause confusion.

Definitely, you must know things you like either by admiring the looks on others or from fashion magazines. So find minimum 5 fashion inspiration looks, try them and decide which ones fit best and is most comfortable on you.

  • 3. Know your body and be practical

Have you studied your body? Have you done research on what looks good on you? Dressing for your body type is very important as it ensures that you are wearing clothing best suited to you

What is your daily routine like? Where do you visit often? These are the questions that would help you be practical in dressing better. You can’t be caught in ripped jeans if you are mostly in meetings all through the day. You can’t be caught in a suit if you are at your factory all day. 

The key thing is to make your clothing neat, presentable and practicable. 

  • 4. Identify your style aesthetic 

This is simply what you love wearing but making it visually pleasing by sticking to certain clothing and getting known for it. Almost like deciding a uniform but in a cute way, you can have up to 5 uniform looks. The purpose is to create ease and uniformity.. This would reduce the time you spend looking for what to wear and the confusion we mostly create with our wardrobes.

One thing most people don’t know is that you would actually feel better and organised when you are hardly confused on what to wear. It is very time consuming and no one should have to constantly deal with that.

Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others Orson Welles

  • 5. Shop intentionally

I get it, most times you want to go shopping for fun with your friends or to spend sometime with yourself. You want to buy on the whim without so much thought. The secret to doing this is to ensure whatever you are buying on a whim fits your style aesthetic in a way. If for example your aesthetic is mostly blue blazers, when shopping pick things that compliment that. A cream top to wear inside the blazer, grey pants or if you are going colourful- orange pants.

The point is to continue to build your wardrobe even as you shop. Try to make things fit together. Don’t just look at an outfit and say its on sale and you pick it up. That is a very bad way to shop.

One thing to remember is that, your visual presentation matters even in the simplest form. A lot can change if you find your style and stick to it.

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it. —Edith Head

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