How to Dress for your next event

If there is anything we can assure you with a Myra piece, it is exquisiteness. Here are 5 different ways to rock our occasion wears


An attractive physical appearance is a typical blend of a powerful woman and a glamorous dress. Olive green never goes wrong. If you are invited for a dinner date with some colleagues/friends/business partners, I know the first thought that’d cause worry is “what to wear”. You’d be stuck in the decision on style, colour and simplicity/extravagance. However, this isn’t a tough choice when it comes to Myrawoman. Just how you want it, perfect colour and style will be extraordinarily designed/made readily available for you. 

  1. Premiere/Award Night 

Gosh of goodness and styles! This is an event where diverse styles will be worn to suit fad of all kinds. Cold-shoulder with front shuffles never goes wrong with an award night or Premiere event. The flare dress gives room for comfort and allows you move freely, 

  1. Wedding Party 

Being a wedding guest is an honour bestowed on you that you must grace with beauty. Here is a dress that makes you stand out and spill royalty amongst others. It could be in any colour of your choice and you may determine where the sleeveless arm should be. With Myrawoman your aura is a goal, with an undoubtedly  befitting finesse. Let your dress speak for you. 

  1. Date Nights 

Out with your spouse/partner/friend or colleagues. Here is a good choice of dress for you. A nude coloured dress is a perfect fit for date nights. The aura and coolness of the night will be a great feeling to you. We call it “Lola Dress”, it is sleeveless and flawless, with a great fit for you. 

  1. Luncheon/Graduation/Induction 

An occasion that keeps you in between corporate and sexy is what this dress is. However, we selectively designed this dress to suit that occasion for your pleasant, modest and best look. It is best worn for memorable events where loads of pictures will be taken. It appears to allow the glow of the skin and a good show of shoes. You had better rock this dress with heels and simple or no jewelry. 

You will definitely love your look, others will too. 

Note: These dresses can be made in your desired colour and style.

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