Our Story: Empowering Women Through Elegance

In 2017, our founder, Matilda Bisola Akinsuyi, transformed her lifelong dream into a reality. Raised in a household where fashion and entrepreneurship intertwined, Matilda’s passion for style ignited at a young age, kindled by her mother’s fashion endeavors and her own boundless creativity.

While pursuing a path in law, Matilda’s innate love for fashion never dimmed. However, she encountered a dilemma all too familiar to many professional women: the quest for stylish, professional attire that exuded confidence and power. Matilda recognized a void in the fashion landscape – the absence of elegant, empowering clothing tailored to the modern woman.

With unshakable determination, Matilda embarked on a new journey, channeling her legal expertise into creating a fashion brand that would redefine women’s wardrobes. Thus, our brand was born.

She was unable to pursue her dreams due to parental expectations of a legal career path. While in university, I struggled to find unique corporate wear – most options were basic and uninspiring. I wanted to change that.”

Matilda’s vision was clear: to craft timeless, elegant clothing that made women feel confident, powerful, and bold in every facet of their lives. It wasn’t just about fashion; it was about empowerment.

Our Mission: Elevating Confidence Through Style

At Myra, we believe that the right outfit has the power to elevate confidence and transform self-image. Beyond offering clothing, we are on a mission to empower women through fashion. Our designs are meticulously crafted to inspire strength and confidence. They are sleek, classy, elegant, and stylish – a reflection of the women we design for.

“In creating designs,” Matilda explains, “we think about the feeling we want our women to have. All our creations are designed to make women feel powerful and confident. It’s about celebrating their individuality and inner strength.”

Our brand is devoted to women who seek stylish professional wear and elegant occasion attire. Our audience is comprised of women who are unapologetic about pursuing their dreams and unafraid of embracing their unique style. They appreciate the elegance of simplicity, and they believe in looking powerful and chic.

Our Vision: Building a Community of Unapologetic Dreamers

As we look to the future, our focus extends beyond fashion. We aspire to build and nurture a community of women who fearlessly pursue their dreams, unapologetically embracing their choices and style.

We want to empower women not only through our clothing but also through a supportive community where dreams are celebrated.

In terms of products, we envision expanding our offerings to include a shoe line, complementing our clothing collections. Additionally, we are committed to reimagining the retail experience, creating spaces where women can not only shop but also connect and be inspired.

At Myra, we’re more than just fashion; we’re a movement. We invite you to join us on this empowering journey, celebrating the beauty of confidence, style, and dreams.

Join us on this journey of timeless style, empowerment, and self-discovery.

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