What every woman should know

IWD 2024

International women’s day is for celebrating women and at Myra, here is what every woman should know.

The very essence of being a woman is to be brave, secure and appreciated. From birth, women are born with a unique set of responsibilities which cuts across the emotional, the intellectual and the physical.

You are meant to be organised, be the advisor, be the shoulder to cry on and also be the comforter. You are meant to build the home, tender to yourself, your children, your family, your friends and your sisterhood.

With the growing requirement for women to also be in the workplace, you are also expected to be humble, know your place, not be emotional, not be too soft, and also set boundaries.

Increasingly, many women are moving far away from the core of their being. Talk about the legislation that is being passed daily that dismantles the many years of freedom women have fought for.

International Women’s Day is not a magic wand if real changes do not happen, in legislation, at the workplace and the home front.

Individually, there are a few things we can all learn to create better experience within our community.

Fill your cup

A lot of women have forgotten the little things that made them smile as a kid. Their little hobbies have been abandoned due to the constant sacrifices they had to make. Find time for yourself, find time to do things that bring you back to your core. Find little things that fill you up and make you happy. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

Be gentle with yourself

Women juggle a lot of things that these days it seems being able to multi task is not the glory we think it is. When we drop the ball on anything we become so hard on ourselves. This is a cycle we need to throw away. We need to practice self compassion.

Realise you are enough

Quit thinking you need to do more, be more to be enough. Lead with feeling like you are enough before adding things to your plate. You deserve good things, you deserve to be in the room. Despite what society may tell you, you are already enough just as you are. You don’t need to conform to unrealistic standards or constantly strive for perfection. Your worth is inherent, and you deserve to be loved, respected, and valued for who you are.

Embrace Sisterhood

Another way to fill your cup is having the right circle. Look at the energy you get at slumber parties, you never want to go back home. Find circles of women who lift and support each-other. Lift up other women and get off the plan of competition. Competition depletes our energy.

Take care of your body

The most important course in school was women’s health but no, for some reason it wasn’t important asides days like IWD when someone gives a speech and forgotten till the following year. We don’t know what to eat and what to avoid, the type of exercises to do and the ones to avoid. Take care of your health, move your body, drink water and mind your business.

Dress well to feel good

This is a no brainer- take care of your wardrobe, wear clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to try new things or take risks. Shine bright and let fashion help you do it.

But above all, let us celebrate ourselves—for we are the embodiment of resilience, of strength, of femininity. We are warriors, we are queens, we are goddesses. And no matter what the world may say, we are more than enough, just as we are.

Happy International Women’s Day. Today and every day, may we shine bright, may we love fiercely, may we embrace the timeless beauty of our souls.

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